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Home Based Jobs in Utica, Ohio?

Local SEO Consultant James Quinif has opened up a Local SEO, Website Design, & Hosting company in Utica, Ohio.  Our Client’s will no longer have to wonder who is helping them with all of their Home Based Jobs needs.

At our Local Office in Utica, Ohio; our Experienced Local SEO Consultants help each of their client’s on an Individual basis.  We know each client might have different needs.  Below is just a short list of some of the service’s we provide our Client’s:

  • Affordable Video Marketing (Internet Commercials)
  • Local Website Hosting (Free Setup)
  • Local Domain Name Register (Free Setup)
  • Local SEO Consultation (1 Free, Call to Schedule)
  • SEO Optimization
  • Local Website Design
  • Local Monthly Support
  • Local Office = Local Person
  • One Stop Shop for all your Website Marketing Needs.

Come and experience what Good Ole Fashion customer service is really like!

Home Based Jobs are real, and Exact Marketing Formula in Utica, Ohio is willing to help.

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Live for Today is Alive!

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Live for Today.ws is alive!  Okay, maybe not alive; maybe in the final stages of being born.

Some people will say a website is not alive; and they’re right in a way.  No, you can’t sit down and have dinner and a movie with a website, but I’m here to tell you a website is very much alive.

Ask anyone with a successful website if their website is alive; and I’ll bet you’ll get a “YES”.  As people from all over the world visit a website; it becomes alive in the eyes of Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the countless other search engines out their where one can submit their website.

What, you never submitted your website to the Search Engines?  I guess that is why not submitting a website after it is online is one of the most common mistakes new Business make when they 1st take their business online. 

That’s why one of the 1st services we do for our clients is to submit their website to all the major search engines. Why, we know from experience if you don’t submit your website to the Search Engines right after it is put online; then it could be months before their website ever gets found; let alone be ranked.

I know I got a little away from Live for Today.ws; but I just thought I should throw out that little piece of advice for those how weren’t aware that you should always submit your website to the search.

So, what is Live for Today.ws?  Just a cool little website about life; or at least it will be when complete.  Live for Today.ws is about experiences in life; help and support that helped us in the past during hard times, silly games, weather, recipes, budgeting skills, and many other little fun things, like the word of the day.

Take a moment and get away, visit Live for Today.ws.  One last thing; the Fajita’s recipe; we had it last night and it was great.   “Live for Today, Build for Tomorrow-jq”


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EMF Hosting is Born

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It’s true; it has been around 9 months since I made my last post here on Home Based Jobs Blog.

I’m excited to tell you, that I haven’t been just sitting at home waiting for something to happen.  No, not at all!

I’ve been extremely busy, including attending College.  Yeah, I know it seems a long way from working at home, but sometimes you need to go backwards, before you can start moving forward again.  So, that is why I decided to go back to school.

It is computer related & is going to be part of my work from home goals.  Okay, not exactly work from home, but at least work from hometown.  I no longer have to drive an hour each way to work.  So, I’m happy.

Alright computer related, I am just about 8 weeks away from completing my schooling.  So, far I have my A+ certification (I can fix, troubleshoot, & build computers), my Network + certificate (I can make computers talk to one another), and just about to finish up my Micro-Soft Server 2008 Certification.

With those, I’ve decided to open up a Local Hosting Company & Internet Business Solutions Center.  We will also have a Tech Center where we can help you make your computer problems go away.

I’m most excited about our SEO & Internet Business Training Class.  Our course (The “X” Class)will cover everything from picking the right domain name (website) to marketing your business on the Internet.

This course will cover what you need to know about doing business on the Internet.  I’ve personally spent $1,000s & $1,000s of dollars in Education videos, ebooks; Internet Marketing course’s, and countless other items.  You know what else I spent money on……MISTAKES!

I’m not here to complain about that, because at the end of the day, it was all EDUCATION!

So, why am I so excited about opening another Local Hosting Company?  Because EMF-Hosting is NOT just another Hosting company.  For One Thing, we have a LOCAL office where you can call for a one on one appointment.  During your Free Consultation our courteous staff will help assess your Internet needs.

What makes us different from other Hosting companies is simple, we want you to succeed on the Internet and all they really want is to Host your website.

We will help you avoid costly mistakes before you make them.   With 4 years of Internet Marketing Experience, believe you me, we’ve made most of the mistakes and know what to avoid.

Which also means, we know what NOT to avoid!  Like SEO for example.

That is about enough for today, I will continue to post more information as our Local Office prepares for our Grand Opening.  We are located right in Central Ohio, Utica Ohio to be exact.

Visit our new EMFhosting.net website today for driving directions and for contact information.

Our #1 GOAL is to bring back Good Ole Fashion customer service.  Call for your Free Consultation today.  Find out for yourself what makes EMF Hosting Different.


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Yes it’s true!  EMF Hosting is now serving Mt. Vernon, Ohio and surrounding areas.  Mt. Vernon Ohio Hosting,Website Design, Lifetime support, & more at EMF Hosting.

While most companies pride themselves in being 100% online; no personal customer service at all.

EMF Hosting is PROUD to have a local hosting office that serves Mt. Vernon Ohio.  Having an online presence is essential for the growth of your business.  The problem is; 95% of business owners who start an online business make the number one mistake in Internet Marketing; they simply pick the Wrong Domain name.

Yes, of course you can pick any domain name you would like (as long as it’s available); but with just a little Market Research before you pick your domain name; will go a long way in how fast your website will climb search engine rankings.

If you don’t take anything else away from this Article; take this one tip; without proper SEO Website Structure; you could work until your blue in the Face:  And yes maybe you will make the 1st page someday; but you will always struggle to keep it.

Why?  Simple Website structure.  It is that simple.  There is a right way and a wrong way to build your website.  And that’s the facts.

EMF Hosting is proud to serve Mt. Vernon Ohio; call today to schedule your Free 1 on 1 SEO Website Analysis.  740-504-8301 or Visit our Local Hosting office in Utica, Ohio.

Mt. Vernon, Ohio Driving Directions www.emfhosting.net/maps/mt.vernon

Just a short drive from Mt. Vernon, OH.

Once you become a client of EMF Hosting; we will guide you throught the enitre process.  It not complicated to have your Business online.  When you know the Formula. -jq


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EMF Hosting is more than Central Ohio’s Local Hosting center; but you may be asking yourself what EMF Hosting andPendulum Wall Clocks have in common?

SEO.  That’s right EMF Hosting provides Search Engine Optimization too many clients like the owners ofwww.Pendulum-Wall-Clocks.com 

So, the real question is; why would you care about the relationship of EMF Hosting & the owners of a website named Pendulum Wall Clocks?  The owners of Pendulum Wall Clocks.com bring their website & SEO business to EMF Hosting.

PWC is currently ranked 14 out of over 1,000,000 competing websites for the “Keywords” Pendulum Wall Clocks.  At position 14, Pendulum Wall Clocks.com received 250 visitors for the month of May, 2011.

That’s not many right?  But think about it for a minute, that’s 250 FREE visitors to Pendulum Wall Clocks.com, and those are “Targeted Visitors”.  Because who is typing in the “Keywords” “Pendulum Wall Clocks”?

I would say someone looking to learn more about Pendulum Wall Clocks; or more likely someone looking to research different types of Pendulum Wall Clocks; like Grandfather clocks, or maybe Coo-Coo-Clocks.

EMF Hosting provides monthly SEO service contracts, SEO training courses, & Free consultations.

The fact of the matter is; 95% of websites are built incorrectly.  They are built to look good for humans and not built to look good for computers.  And computers are the ones that really count; that is if you are looking for your website to be ranked high in Search engines.

At EMF Hosting during your Free 1 on 1 consultation we can evaluate your current and/or future online business needs are.

EMF Hosting is more than your local hosting company; EMF Hosting is here to help our clients get ahead of their competition.  Call visit www.emfhosting.net or call 740-504-8301 today to schedule your Free SEO consultation.


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Central Ohio Hosting

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EMF-Hosting is located right in Central Ohio, Utica OH to be exact.  Visit our Local Central Ohio Hosting Office orwww.emfhosting.net for complete details.

We pride ourselves on our customer service.  While 99% of our competition pride themselves in being 100% online and a work from home business, EMF-Hosting has broke the mold.

At our local EMF Hosting office you will enjoy our approach to building on online business.  “ You can Build an online Business, Without Breaking the Bank!” –jq

Our approach is simple, it’s your business and ideas, EMF Hosting is just here to help with the technical stuff.  You already have all you need to have to be online, except maybe a website.

Setting up your business for success online doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.  Before you ever spend One Penny of your money, EMF Hosting will show you  the steps to Structuring your Website to beat your competition in Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the 100s of other out there.

With over 4 years of Internet Marketing experience our staff will show you the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) website structure.

Already have a Website?  That’s ok we will transfer you to our Servers for FREE & then we can review your current website with you, and together we can set goals and a Marketing direction for your website.

Once you become an EMF Hosting customer, you will realize why Business Professionals from all over Central Ohio have brought their website business to EMF Hosting.

Finally, Central Ohio Hosting you can count on!  Call today to schedule your Free 1 on 1 consultation.

EMF Hosting | www.emfhosting.net (740) 504-8301

Continue Doing What You Have Been Doing = Continue Getting What You Have Been Getting.


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Four years in the making, EMF Hosting is here.

That’ right, yesterday 5/28/2011 we opened the doors to our Local EMF Hosting office.  This is a big time of year here in Utica Ohio.  Not just because EMF Hosting is now open, but here in Utica Oh, we live in Ice Cream Land.

Okay, maybe not the official capitol of Ice cream; yet, be Utica, OH is the home of Velvet Ice Cream.  And for anyone who knows of Utica & Velvet Ice Cream knows this is our annual Ice Cream Festival.

Which; brings us back to the #1 reason we have opened the Local EMF Hosting office early.  You see; EMF Hosting is more than a Local Website Hosting company; EMF Hosting is also; a Marketing Company.

That’s right, we can handle any of your Business need right here at our Local EMF Hosting office right here; in Central Ohio.  From Market Research & SEO (Search Engine Optimization): too Website Design and Internet Market.  Oh yeah; EMF Hosting is also pretty good at offline marketing (Local Marketing).

Once a client of EMF Hosting; their goal is your success!

The Internet is TODAY, not the future!  Visit ExactMarketingFormula.netor call 740-504-8301 to schedule your FREE 1 on 1 consultation today.

You could always wait and follow your competition!  But Google waits for no one! -jq


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What is Drop Shipping?  Simply put, Drop Shipping is promoting (selling) someone else product or service.   Now, what makes drop shipping so popular is the fact that you never have to store or buy on product before you sell it.

Let me give you a quick example; let’s say you decide to promote a product from “Something Warehouse”.  You buy a domain name and build a website.  Next you place a link to your website on Facebook and 10 people visit your site and 2 people buy something.  Where does the product come from?

Simple, the product ships to your customers directly from “Something Warehouse”.  And can you guess who is responsible for customer service for that product, if you said “Something Warehouse”, then you would be right.

Drop Shipping when done correctly can become a nice 2nd income & with enough hard work and dedication, can turn into a full time HomeBased Job.

So, where does EMF-Hosting come into the picture?

In the Beginning!  Before you ever spend one penny, EMF-Hosting will be there.  Visit www.emfhosting.net  today for contact information:  to schedule your Free 1 on 1 Consultation to see if Drop Shipping is right for you.

Another great drawing point of Drop Shipping is the fact that there are 1,000s and 1,000s of products just waiting for someone to promote them.   Most of these products are still untapped by the general public, BUT NOT FOR LONG.

Let me end this post with a question to you:  What kind of person are you?  Will you show others the way, or are you waiting for others to show you the way?

“Live for Today, Build for Tomorrow” -jq


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Hello HomeBased Jobs Searcher’s.  You Are Here Because You Most Likely Typed In Something Work From Home, RealJames Quinif Work At Home Business, Or Maybe Even Computer Jobs From Home.  Those Are Just A Few “Keyword” Example That Many Of Our New Members Typed Into Google Or Their Favorite Search Engine To Find My HomeBased Jobs Blog.

No Matter Which “Keyword” You Typed In, You Were Interested In Earning An Additional Income From Home.

I Mean, What Is The Ultimite Goal?  For Me, It Is Working From Home!  That’s It!

Imagine For A Minute?  What If You Had Enough Money To Work From Home And Concentrate Your Efforts On Helping Rebuild Our Country & Communities!

I Don’t Know If You Have Children, But I Have 3.  My Daughter Is Just Now Entering The 3rd Grade, And I Am Really Starting To Take An Enter Look Inside Our School System.  And To Tell You The Truth, It Make Me Have A Not Real Warm Feeling In My Stomach.

So, With That Being Said You See An Example Of One Of My Most Motivating Goals.  Change!  Everyone Talks About “Change”.  But What If You Finally Had More Time?  What If You Could Finally Have A Voice?

I’m Not Going To Make This To Political, But I Just Wanted To Give You An Example Of One Of The Driving Forces & Motivation Behind Exact Marketing Formula, LLC.

Exact Marketing Formula, LLC.Exact Marketing Formula or EMF Is An Internet Marketing Training Program, That’s Motto Is, “Building A Business, Without Breaking The Bank”.

EMF Just Might Be The Most Affordable Value Packed Internet Marketing Training Program On The Internet Today.  This Program Covers Everything From Generating More Traffic For Your Existing Web Site Or Business, To Marketing Research, Web Site Development, Structuring Your Business Using A Funded Proposal, & So Much More!

If You Compare What Is Inside Exact Marketing Formula With Similar Programs, You’ll Be Amazed.

EMF Monthly Operating Cost – $10.00 A Month

Competition – Has A Wide Range $19.99, $49.99, $79.99, & Yes Even Higher!

$10.00 To Start Your Own On Line Empire, Is Pennies.  Don’t Believe Me, Look Into Starting A Business In Your Communtiy.  Open A Resturant, Or Hardware, Maybe A Hair Saloon.  You’ll Spend $100s In Permit Fees Alone.  That Will Get You 1 Year Of “How To Build Your Own On Line Business” At Exact Marketing Formula.

Visit Exact Marketing Formula, LLC. Here For More Details or Just Leave Your Name & Email Where I Can Send You Futher Information On Exact Marketing Formula, LLC. & How You Can Learn To Start Earning A 2nd Income From The Comfort Of Your Home.

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Is Free Store Club (FSC) a real work at home business?  This question is easy to answer, and of coarse it is YES.  This one is really for anyone looking for a real work at home business.  Free Store Club is a fully stocked Internet store with 100s of products to sell and you can have it up and running in less than 30 minutes.  You want to talk about low start up cost, how does free sound.  Now, like almost any business if you are willing to invest a little every month you will have more benefits including the chance to build a long term monthly residual income.  Residual income is simply monthly income.  So you can make money from Free Store Club in a few different ways.  One of coarse is from selling your products and the other is from giving others there own FSC store (referrals).  There are four different levels at FSC, free members, silver members, gold members, and platinum members.  With a free membership you can NOT earn a monthly residual income from other members that have upgraded that you have referred.  But you can earn off of other referred member sales.  You can earn $10 for every $100 your referred members sell.  This is the main reason I always suggest to my referrals to at least upgrade to the silver membership level which is only $10 a month.  That’s right for only $10 a month you can build a residual income for life, plus you will receive better wholesale cost on all your products.

The next level is gold and is only $50 dollars a month.  I say only because, if you have ever looked into starting a business then you know that $50 wouldn’t even come close to filling out all the necessary paper work.  At the gold membership level you’ll receive the lowest possible wholesale prices and the amount you can receive in your residual income will increase.  Also with the Gold membership your store is fully customizable and you can add your own departments or your own products if have any.  If your really looking for a real work at home business and are planning on adding referrals, the gold membership is a good call.

The Platinum level is a one time fee $199 and really can set you apart as a leader and someone to take serious.  You can earn up to $32,000 a week in residual income.  Now don’t think this happens over night, but if you stick with your goals it is possible.  You also have access to all the premium products to sell out of your store.  Click Here to visit this page for a break down of each level in more detail.

Now I have quite a few members in my down line that are members of Free Store Club just so they can buy products at wholesale cost.  With the product selection you can buy all of your gifts for family and friends and have them delivered right to your door.  You not only save money by buying all your products at wholesale, but you also save gas money.  And the headache of shopping for hours in the big box stores.  FSC is really a win win.  The fact is you already are buying these products, why not save money and buy them at wholesale.

With your membership to Free Store Club you will get four websites.  The first is your retail store, this is where you sell all of your products.  The second is your FSC promotional page, this is the website where you send prospects so they can learn more about FSC.  The third is call FSC Trading Post.  This website is an online yard sale or classified.  Members can post things they have for sale, just like you would in a yard sale or classified ad.  You never know what you’ll find on the Trading Post.  The fourth and final website is your office.  If you are going to have a business you’ll need an office to keep track of all of your orders and down line members.  This is also where you can contact the company.

I hope this give you a better understanding of Free Store Club and some of the benefits it will offer to you.  This is really a real work at home business for anyone.  This is an up and coming business and you can get in on the ground floor now.  Make sure you visit this FSC promotional page to get more details.  I know for a fact you can’t start an online store for this kind of money anywhere.  You don’t have to build a website, manage inventory, ship products, or stock products.  This is fast and affordable.  Now like I said I recommend at least the silver membership ($10) because you don’t want to miss out on the residual income possibility, but you can start for free.

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